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This would set the font as the default one when you create a new document.

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Reader Interactions Comments I have tried 2, versions of the prescription to get the font permanently changed maybe a little exaggeration on number of times. Word always comes up with Calbri as the default font. I also looked at the history of the Normal. Thanks, Robert — I thought it was just me stuck forever with the Calibri font. Astonishing that the Options menu does not give you the chance to set the default font. I am so sick of Calibri. I even removed the font from the fonts folder. I have everything I can find set on Georgia and when composing a message, Outlook seizes any opportunity to reset what it prints as Calibri 11, which I find difficult in the extreme to read.

Outlook will switch to Calibri on occasion if I add a blank line between paragraphs. Outlook will show received messages in Calibri. How can I kill it dead?

I want Calibri finished. That thing has more lives than Dracula. Put a stake through its heart.

How to Change the Default Font in Word 2011 for Mac

Get Buffy the Vampire Slayer to show how to do it, but do it! You are not alone. I seriously resent being given document defaults that I cannot change.

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Every time I have to spend time and effort to change those things in a new Word document, I get angry all over again. Maybe there is some technical reason for MS to set defaults, but not knowing if this is true, it just strikes me as pure arrogance. It feels the same as somebody insisting that I paint all the walls in my house a certain color.

I have wasted hours trying to change the default font.

Changing the default layout in any template means that the section breaks, headers and footers, and other layout attributes are used in every new document that is based on that template. For example, the layout attributes for new blank documents are based on the Normal template. On the Format menu, click Document , and then click the Layout tab. You can customize the Normal template and change default settings for many aspects of a document, such as text formatting, paragraph formatting, document formatting, styles, text, pictures, AutoText entries, and keyboard shortcuts.

To make changes to Normal. If you open Normal.

How to Change the Default Font in Microsoft Word for Mac

In the Open dialog box, browse to the folder that contains the Normal. If you make extensive changes to your Normal template, we recommend that you periodically back up the file. To back up your Normal template, copy the file and rename it, or move it to another location. You can quickly and easily format a whole document to give it a professional and modern look by applying a document theme.

How to Set a Default Font in Microsoft Word

A document theme is a set of formatting choices that can include a color scheme a set of colors , a font scheme a set of heading and body text fonts , and an effects scheme a set of lines and fill effects. To apply a theme:.

In Word for Mac, on the Design tab, click Themes , and then choose a theme. You can change the page margins in your doc and create custom margins. But the next time you create a new document, Word for the web will revert to the Normal margin setting of one inch on each side of the page. Create and use your own template. Expand your Office skills.

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