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Atera Networks integrates its network monitoring system into a complete MSP support package, which includes a Help Desk system. The complete system covers the usage and capacity of apps and infrastructure and generates invoices and reports from logs of staff activities.

TEST apps network bandwidth monitoring for Mac - SNMP

This option would be a good choice if your IT department operates as an income center or if your business provides fee-based support to other companies. The SNMP involvement in this package is concentrated on the network monitoring module. SNMP Traps provide a key element of the monitoring system, providing real-time alerts in the Atera console.

The network manager dashboard includes scripts that automate routine administration tasks and you can also create your own custom scripts to complete your regular tasks your way.

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Atera allows you to reach out from the data center, and even leave it. The system includes remote access procedures and it is also possible to access the dashboard from a mobile device.

The dashboard includes real-time performance graphs to speed decision making. Alerts can be set to trigger notifications by email. Configuration control and patch management is also centralized. Remote management utilities enable you to centralize IT support for multi-site, or even multi-customer scenarios.

Net snmp commands

Atera offers a free trial that helps you get the feel of the system. There are also video walkthroughs available on the Atera website to show you how to use the package effectively. Atera is pitched at a reasonable price. The dashboard features real-time performance graphs for all the devices on the network, which makes the screen look a little crammed.

You can specify those alerts be sent to you via email as well. The attributes of each device that make it onto the screen in the form of performance graphs are selected by the user.

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Version control functions are available with Spiceworks. User event tracking will enable you to monitor for unusual activity on the network. These two elements are important tasks for network managers now that vulnerabilities appear quickly and updates to block those exploits are produced almost as fast. The Spiceworks network has a learning center and community forums that can help you pick up tips on getting the most out of your network monitoring software. The response to these alerts can be scripted to automate reporting and device resets.

The central console can be accessed through mobile devices , which enables you to manage the network while away from your desk. Service and system restarts can be commanded from the management console and you can also get remote access to equipment through a terminal session. A scripting element enables you to automate processes such as scheduled monitoring, version upgrades, backups and, security sweeps.

The management console can be accessed from any terminal on the network. The Pulseway software integrates with software from other vendors, which includes the Slack messenger system, Kaspersky antimalware, and SQL Server. The access management system allows you to grant different levels of access to different user types. This enables you to grant read-only access to live reporting screens of the dashboard, enabling customers and upstream managers to check on progress towards goals. The Pulseway software enables you to manage sites remotely , integrating networks from dispersed locations into one WAN that can be monitored and managed uniformly.

A remote Desktop feature even allows you to access individual devices attached to the wider network, no matter where they are in the world. Version control and patch management is another module of the Pulseway system. This enables you to update operating systems and firmware automatically across the system. The system is also capable of monitoring mail servers, virtual machines, internet servers, and applications, including cloud services.

While NetFlow shows traffic flows over links, SNMP monitors the status of the network equipment and devices connected to that network. LogicMonitor leverages the Software-as-a-Service model. That means that the servers that collate information on your network are held offsite.

You access information through a browser on your desktop, or through an app on your mobile device. An element of this service that is resident on your site, called the Collector. Think of this as a relay for the SNMP manager.

Professional, enterprise and free personal editions

So, rather than running the manager software on your network, the collector receives all data from device agents and forwards that on to the LogicMonitor server. The cloud-based concept of LogicMonitor enables it to integrate data from multiple sites and also from other cloud services, such as cloud storage or managed application servers. Being a third-party, the LogicMonitor treats all resources equally, no matter where they are located or who owns and manages them.

The functionality of the communication between the LogicMonitor server and its Collectors enables network discovery. Topology is charted on an attract real-world map. Other graphics on the dashboard include real-time performance line graphs and the ability to view snapshots or aggregations of historical data. These reporting graphs include the ability to perform trend analysis and forecast capacity requirements for each node on the network, segments of the network, or the network as a whole.

Event Sentry monitors the utilization of resources — both hardware and software, like most network monitoring systems. However, this package has a security monitoring feature that enables the tracking of user activity as well. The system can be tuned to look out for multiple logins across servers, and activity across the network that might indicate an Advanced Persistent Threat or virus infection.

Another warning sign is the number of failed authentication attempts, which may indicated a brute force password cracking attempt. Given recent headlines regarding ransomware attacks, the system monitoring procedures of Event Sentry to guard against this category of attacks is especially interesting.

This network monitoring system has a much greater stress on network security than on resource performance. Internet monitoring checks on events for incoming connections and can trace a location of a suspicious source to integrate origin details into activity reports. Getting back to hardware performance, SNMP is used to monitor the capacity of network equipment. The system routinely polls for conditions including CPU usage, memory availability and storage capacity.

On the software front, Event Sentry keeps track of the current versions of all applications and operating systems available on the system and logs the latest versions for each, giving update functions an alert.

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The web interface of Event Sentry can be displayed in nine different languages, including English, Spanish, German, and French. The interface has a note keeping facility to enable you to remark on events and highlight important information. The WhatsUp Gold monitoring system by Ipswitch covers infrastructure monitoring, focusing on network performance. The software installs itself and finishes the initialization process with a network discovery routine.

That network discovery is driven by SNMP.

MIB Browser

The device register is searchable and you can also filter the device list display. That database provides the source information for a network map, which depicts all of the devices on the network and the connections between them. The statuses of devices and links are color-coded on the network map, which instantly shows you which parts of the system are experiencing problems. The constant updates on statuses also identifies altered or moved devices and that information gets written into the database and it also updates the network map. The manager is also constantly listening for Trap messages from the device agents.

These Traps get interpreted into alerts, which are shown on the dashboard and they can also be sent out as notifications via email or SMS. You can get WhatsUp Gold on a free trial.

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It is great to be alerted of potentially damaging conditions on equipment and resolve those issues before the users start calling. Being proactive and discovering errors saves a fortune on Help Desk time. The cost savings borne of SNMP monitoring in terms of Help Desk budget is further illustrated by the number of companies that offer these systems as modules in a suite of services that also includes Help Desk interoperability.