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If you see healthcare providers at another location associated with this clinic, you can display information about that location by clicking the drop-down button in the Locations field and then selecting the facility name.

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To display a list of the health records that have been sent to your Portal, click the Health tab. Records will be listed by date. Example shown below. If you want to send a health record to someone via email, click the Send Information button. The health record will be displayed on the Health tab, as shown in the following example. To quickly find a particular section of the health record, click the Collapse All button located at the top of the record and then use the Expand button in a section header to display that section.

To choose the sections that you want to see each time you view your health record, click View Preferences. If there is a check in the check box next to a section title, that section will always be displayed when you view your health record. To hide a section, remove the check mark. Click the check box to remove a check mark - click again to add it back. You can also move sections up or down using the arrows to the right of the section title.

Be sure to click the Save Preferences button. Messages Tab Click the Messages tab to view a list of all the messages that you have sent or received. View or Reply to a Message To view the contents of a message, click the message. Every year, the School trains regular students, Master students and 10 PhD candidates. In addition, the school also carries out 5 national scientific projects, protocols, over 10 ministerial scientific projects, many researches as well as technology transfer projects funded by state-own, private and foreign companies.

Along with the continuous development of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, School of Electronics and Telecommunications is actively implementing programs to renovate all the fields such as education, scientific research and facilities. Curriculum and instructional approaches are fully redesigned toward a modern and diversifying direction.

Besides, the school opens special under-graduate programs Talented Engineers and Advanced program and post-graduate programs Master and Doctorate. Apart from teaching activities, all the lecturers also carry out research projects that are currently developed and enhanced by international collaborations. All the facilities and equipments dedicated to education, training and research have been continuously improved and completed. The school is also implementing a new management mechanism towards autonomy and self-responsibility.

A friendly and attractive environment for studying, working and scientific research was created for students and highly qualified lecturers. Hanoi University of Science and Technology. School of Electronics and Telecommunications. Head Department and Director Assoc.

More Articles The second part focuses on basic foundations such as methodology, the roles of the Bible, Tradition and Magisterium, Natural Laws in moral theology. Then the course explores the understanding of the human person with human dignity, freedom, the ultimate aim and vocation of human life, moral conscience, and different moral principles and arguments. The course ends with the insistence on the growth of human person through virtues. Course Description : the course will explore the literary and theological aspects of the Fourth Gospel in order that its message is grasped and applied to our Christian life today.

In particular, the course will explore the meaning of these following texts:. Sacrosanctum Concilium , 5]. This course generally introduces historical and developmental process of Mariology, i. Specially, this study presents the figure and the role of Mary as shown in the Biblical Revelation and in the theology of the New Testament. The Dogmatic theological dimension of Mariology is also emphasized in Patristics and theological thought.

We will survey biblical, historical, cultural, and theological resources for the theory and practice of mission, with particular emphasis on current concerns and perspective. Among the issues to be treated are: the interaction between global and local mission; evangelism and witness; gospel and cultures; religious pluralism and inter-religious dialogue; mission and ecumenism; justice, peace and liberation; and the spirituality of mission.

The course will emphasize the critical interaction between theology and practice in mission. Lectures and discussions will be combined with small group interaction and student presentations. Group report is encouraged. Students are expected to come to class with preparation to participate in the discussion. Present in class beginning in the second week. The Bible relates the fascinating story of God and His salvation plan for the human race. In this saving plan, the prophets play a key role.

The prophets are the voice of the Lord speaking to his people, delivering his message. The prophets are also the voice of the people crying to the Lord in the midst of the vicissitudes of their lives. Not only proclaim the coming events as the Exile, the Return from the Exile, the Day of the Lord, Judgment, but also do the prophets deal with the present situation. Their lessons influence the shape of Judaism and foreshadow the coming of Christ. Barton, J. Blenkinsopp, J. A History of Prophecy in Israel Louisville Guette, F.

Habel, Normal C. Hays, Daniel J. Peterson, David L. Vogels, W.

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This course provides an overview of pastoral management theory and present specific management skills to complement already acquired theological knowledge, pastoral abilities, and specialized competencies. It is also offered as one mean to assist managers and pastors within the Church fulfill their stewardship responsibilities with competence and accountability as well as with satisfaction.

The course is aim to provide an introduction to the Fathers of the Church, to their lives and their theology. The main themes are as follow: 1 Introduction. Drobner, Hubertus R.

Quasten, Johannes, Patrology , 4 Vol. Ferguson, Everett, ed. Marthaler, Berard L.

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Patrology, patristics and early christian literature Drobner, Hubertus R. Quasten, Johannes, Patrology , Vol.

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The martyrdom. The gnosticism Drobner, Hubertus R. Irenaeus of Lyon Drobner, Hubertus R. Tertulian and Cyprian Drobner, Hubertus R. Atanasio Drobner, Hubertus R. Augustine Drobner, Hubertus R. The Pentateuch, the first five books Genesis to Deuteronomy , is an essential part of the Holy Scriptures, recognized as such by Jews and Christians. The Pentateuch has a wide range of contents.

This course focuses on some important aspects of the Pentateuch as follows:. Fundamental elements in Ignatian spirituality that can be applied in spiritual direction and discernment in the pastoral context of Vietnam. The Spiritual Exercises of St. A translation and Commentary by George E. Ganss, S. Institute of Jesuit Sources, St. Louis, This course has its purpose to provide the priestly candidates basic guides to prepare their homilies in their new situation as pastors.

This is one of the first courses to be offered to first year students. It is an introductory course to theology in general and to fundamental theology in particular. It comprises, therefore, an introduction to theology. It then covers the two main issues usually studied in what is usually called fundamental theology — Revelation and Faith.

The course takes a historical survey of how the reality of Revelation and Faith is understood, questioned and systematically conceptualized. It takes into account the diversity of the notion of Revelation, and therefore of Faith, through the ages. It then offers a practical reflection on the personal and communal nature of Faith. Models of Contextual Theology. An Introduction to Theology in Global Perspective. Models of Revelation. The Assurance of Things hoped for.

Christianity 10 — A Textbook of Catholic Theology. Faith — A Practical Theological Reconstruction.