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The full list of those that will disappear, as well as those that have disappeared, is below. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit to start race wars. The latest Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit video shows off some of the hyper-competitive networking features the game will game will have. Essentially, it's going to start a four-wheeled war with everyone on your friends list. Check out the video below. The game will also track your race times and compare your performances with others on your friends list. If someone beats your best time on a certain track, the game's omniscient 'Autolog' service will send you an update so you can immediately respond and take back the number one spot.

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As the man says, "there's nothing more powerful than beating a friend. Visit Steam every day this week for big savings on a different EA game. Please visit www. A different offer starts at 10am Pacific time.

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VAT included in all prices where applicable. High Heat Baseball is easily the worst baseball game to come out for the PlayStation this year. The ninth installment of this sports management game offers even more new ways to manage your very own virtual baseball team.

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Many games from much larger companies could take a few lessons from Baseball Mogul. Out of the Park Baseball 5 improves on the series and will no doubt keep would-be baseball managers up late many a night. Once you get used to having the pitch coming right at you, you're prepared to tackle the most playable baseball sim on the shelves today.

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The game is a remarkable simulation of running a big-league franchise from the front office to the field. There is no better sports management sim available on this side of the Atlantic.

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The sheer number of available teams, modes, and bonuses is absolutely staggering. The core fundamentals are spot-on, the variety of options and control choices is spectacular, and the presentation totally draws you into the experience. Triple Play 99 is the way to go if you want a realistic baseball sim to play.

Triple Play is a perfect example of how good ideas can go horribly awry. The fortunes of Tony La Russa may have taken a turn for the worse hello, St. Louis , but each installment of his namesake game just keeps getting better. Baseball Mogul is back for another season and features a new database engine, improved user interface, and rosters.

Baseball Mogul features new rosters, a Minor League System, and over 10, players to manage, draft or trade. It's obvious the company spent a lot of time and energy correcting the problemsof the '96 edition. Out of the Park Baseball 12 is a baseball simulation game where you can manage your own baseball franchise.