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Of course you have a few choice words for your friends on the Internet who didn't put the information out there for all to use. I also must mention the nasty words for the people who I sought help from and had their higher than mightier attitudes since "They haven't seen it before". I'll save that rant for another blog entry. Operating Systems. By Kurt Shaffer. Kurt Shaffer. Follow Tech Sign In Page. Forgot Password?

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Sign up. Thursday June 18, Favorites Tech Sign In Page. Bookmark Tech Sign In Page. Anyways folks, here it is: Some name 32k Followers. Tech Sign In Page. More by this Author. IT Strategy. FV2 was appealing because some third party solutions could escrow its keys. We looked at Credant at a previous company but I left before we could test; it can escrow FV2 keys.

As far as alternate accounts used to decrypt drives, any such account would be very strictly controlled read: Great feedback, you guys all rock We didn't Symantec because If I'm remember correctly it has the serious design flaw of not being able to have the machine shut down during initial encryption.

It would break the encryption. Symantec bought PGP, so if you're familiar with that then its what it is. The Credant had some issues when I first tested it but after those were cleared up it worked pretty well. It just doesn't offer pre boot and that was a no go for me. We use Credant file encryption on our PCs and are quite experienced with it.

Its definitely the best option if you want the absolute least change for your customers. McAfee is just not ready on the Mac.

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That eliminates any local admin account you might use. As well, there is no way to mount the filesystem from another drive. I wasn't really a fan of the ePO console as its quite confusing and overcomplicated. I can provide a list of reasons that you might not want to use it. Having User Data on a separate partition is possible but like i said you cannot boot to another OS partition or restore only the OS partition in my few attempts anyway so there is no point in separating user data from the OS.

Filevault is not much better for multi-partition stuff either, I found some tool some really smart guy wrote to mount the user data partition, which has to be encrypted separately and mounted separately and it works most of the time, but every now and then i login and the user data partition did not mount, its an easy fix to reboot but kind of clunky.

It is very good at finding bad sectors on the disk, the bad news is it usually does not boot when it finds them. It can be very susceptible to OS X updates, read this as might not boot after an update. It encrypts a SSD really fast, and the later version encrypts a bit faster on the spinning disks, but GB in about 12 hours is what I see and you cannot use the machine during this time on spinning disks because it is so slow.

Some firmware updates seem impossible to install because I think the recovery partition and firmware stuff is taken over by boot guard. Good or bad you choose, it does not autologin after you type your boot guard password.

KB40674 - Failed to setup virtual adapter with Checkpoint Endpoint Security installed

Good things a user cannot decrypt their drive without herculean efforts. Having PGP installed on a users computer does get them all to be pretty diligent about connecting their time machine backup disks regularly. From my experience at other accounts that might be a bit high for disk failure although every laptop with a rpm drive i have ever had has been replaced. I will be starting a couple of projects for a couple of new customers with Checkpoint shortly so I am glad to see the good reviews on it.

They should change their documentation then. That is where I read it. Good to know, though.

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  6. It seemed ridiculous. Can you share your script. I had an issue copying over the hidden files in the DMG. I also used Composer to copy the. I also have it remove the uninstaller. Something that wasn't possible in the standalone version.


    Dialog with your fellow IT professionals, gain insight about Apple device deployments, share best practices and bounce ideas off each other. Join the conversation. Learn more about Jamf. Thanks, Don. Like Comment. Order by: Most Likes Oldest Newest. Without the encryption key? Any user authorized to login at preboot that is also an admin can turn off and decrypt filevault. Log in to post a response. Spam This is an advertisement—it is not useful or relevant. Inappropriate This is offensive or in violation of our Community Etiquette.

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