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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Best Plotting Tools for Linux 1. Gnuplot 2. Mayavi 3. Matplotlib 4. Ggplot2 5. Gephi 6.

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PLplot 7. GeoGebra 8. Octave 9. ROOT Grace Veusz LabPlot Ctioga2 KmPlot SciDAVis GLE RLPlot DataMelt Genius DAP Wrap Up. Data Science Featured Linux. Rafiul Rony. Best Plotting Tools for Linux Choosing a suitable scientific plotting software may depend on some criteria of your preferences. Gnuplot Gnuplot comes with Linux command line protocol that allows engineers, scientists, and students to visualize different types of interactive functions and data.

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Generate two and three-dimensional plots and functions. Using scripts, Gnuplot can be used interactively and also in batch mode. Provides good support and documentation to make the use more comfortable. Get Gnuplot 2. Mayavi Mayavi is a modern and free scientific data visualizer to create interactive 3D plots. Offers extended functionality by adding sources, components, data filters, and modules.

Get Mayavi 3. Matplotlib Matplotlib is a scientific plotting software that can produce publication-quality figures for your research. Noteworthy Features of Matplotlib With an object-oriented interface, Matplotlib provides you the full control of line styles, axes properties, and font properties.

You can use this Linux command line plotting tool in Python scripts, IPython shells, several toolkits, and other web application servers. It provides a Qt interface and allows to exchange data with Microsoft Excel. Matplotlib has several higher-level plotting interfaces like seaborn, ggplot, and holoviews. It is an entirely open-source platform and free to use. Matplotlib is a cross-platform application that runs on both Linux and Windows systems. Get Matplotlib 4. Ggplot2 Ggplot2 is another data visualization package for Linux. Noteworthy Features of Ggplot2 You can add, remove, and alter components in a plot, at a high level of abstraction through Ggplot2.

It is a part of an ecosystem of packages tidyverse designed with common APIs and a shared philosophy.

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Ggplot2 provides an active mailing list with many users. Allows many built-in and also third-party themes for smoothing plot appearance. Besides the normal graphs, it also provides complex plotting capacity to the users. Get Ggplot2 5.

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Gephi Gephi is one of the most popular and open source plotting tools to create all kinds of graphs and networks. Noteworthy Features of Gephi Offers a built-in high-performance rendering engine that allows you to use this tool without having any programming skills. You can change the layout settings at the time of running this application, which helps to increase user feedback and experience. The statistics and metrics framework offers different standard metrics like community detection, betweenness centrality, diameter, PageRank, and more. Provides a lot of extensible plugins in Gephi Plugin portal with regular updates.

PLplot PLplot is one of the most popular plotting tools for Linux that is used to create scientific plots. Contains a core library that supports plot symbols and text specified by the user in the UTF-8 encoding of Unicode. Get PLplot 7. GeoGebra GeoGebra is an interactive, dynamic, award-winning mathematical software with a lot of powerful features.

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Noteworthy Features of GeoGebra GeoGebra offers scientific graphs and data with points, vectors, lines, segments, polygons, and functions. Provides a large number of learning and teaching materials to help its users. It has a built-in computer algebra system , statistics, and several calculus tools. As it has millions of users worldwide, it supports many different languages. Get GeoGebra 8. Octave Octave comes with a high-level programming language focused on numerical computations. Provides solutions with various algebraic operations, Fourier and Laplace transform, calculus, and more.

Can Perform various numerical experiments like Matlab. Octave contains a lot of free packages, including bim, cgi, control, data-smoothing, doctest, and more which are located at Octave-Forge. Get Octave 9. Provides powerful mathematical and statistical tools to operate on the data that makes possible to simulate complex systems.

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You can display your results with histograms, scatter plots, fitting functions, and also 3D graphical objects. It lets save your data in a compressed binary form, and you can access it faster than a regular file. Get ROOT Grace Grace is one of the oldest 2D graph plotting software written in the C programming language.

You can get an unlimited number of graphs and curves. Offers users the graphing flexibility with a lot of customizable colors, dashed line styles, built-in marker symbols, and fill patterns. Grace supports user-defined functions via loadable modules, variables, and many mathematical functions. Provides customization facility with user-defined colors, user-supplied fonts, and encodings. Get Grace Veusz Veusz is another Linux command line plotting tool written in Python programming language. Noteworthy Features of Veusz Veusz has a user-friendly interface with the capability of producing publication-ready 2D and 3D plots.

Provides you a great advantage in data manipulation and filtering. Contains a lot of user-defined functions, constants, and it can also import external Python functions. Provides support with various resources and tutorials to introduce to the user interface and the ways to create a simple plot. Get Veusz Provides auto and cross-correlation of data sets. You will get an arbitrary number of curves in the plot through mathematical equation or data sources.

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Allows for creating 2D and 3D cartesian plots with extensive and interactive editing capabilities. LabPlot provides elaborative documentation with detailed examples and tutorials to support users. Get LabPlot Ctioga2 Ctioga2 is a Linux command line plotting tool that provides publication-quality and good looking graphs. Noteworthy Features of Ctioga2 Ctioga2 provides an instant solution in plotting data, compared with other plotting tools. Offers a lot of features together like successive curves, color maps, contours, and many more.

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Provides a beautiful user interface with the capability of producing many fancy effects and attractive histograms. It lets you integrate into the power of command-line scripting.

You can easily animate graphs into a movie. Get Ctioga2 KmPlot KmPlot is yet another Linux command line plotting tool with a powerful built-in parser.