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Installing 10.6.8 on a 2011 Mac Mini

I also noticed that it was struggling to play the latest HD movies from the iTunes Store. So I pitched to my wife the idea of replacing the Mac Mini with a newer Mini and upgrading the storage with a 2 TB drive to hold media content and 4 TB backup drive connected via FireWire To help future-proof it against future storage needs, I also wanted to get a Mini with Thunderbolt capability. That was a problem. The first Mini models to come with Thunderbolt were the Mac Minis. The Mac Minis were among the first Mac models that supported only Front Row is noticeably absent in After a bit of research and head-scratching, I was able to get both what I wanted and what my wife wanted.

See below the jump for the details. I did have one lucky break, in that the early MacBook Pros and the Mac Minis are almost identical hardware-wise.

Apple's Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server is aimed squarely at small …

The early MacBook Pros ran When I researched the subject, I found a lot of people online trying to run The most common issues were lower performance, video that displayed a very pinkish hue on the screen and Thunderbolt not working. However, I hit pay dirt when I came across this Apple discussion forum thread because someone in the thread named newfoundglory had not only figured out the necessary driver support; they had also been nice enough to package up the drivers into one installer package: This installer package turned out to be the key.

Install Mac OS X For this, I used the Once the installation is finished, install the Once This installer adds the needed driver support to the Mini, so you should see the pink video and other problems go away. Snow Leopard's installer hangs when trying to load on a new Lion-based machine. Apparently, Snow Leopard gets very confused when it sees the Lion restore partition on the new Mac's hard drives. I'm guessing this will also be a problem for those who upgrade to Lion, since the recovery partition is created automatically.

Fortunately, I have certain super-powers. I can type a sequence of characters into a text field on a Web site called "The Google" and, upon my command, magical elves will scour the entire world, seeking what I need to know. And so it was. And so it came to pass that, with the help of the divine posters of the online board brotherhood, the Lion laid itself down upon the firmament and let the Snow Leopard boot unto the sacred Macintosh.

My first attempt at Snow Leopard. Madly mixed metaphors and a little sacrilege aside , here's what you do, courtesy of jsmac2 and the fine folks on the Apple Support Communities. First, as it turns out, you're going to need two Macs to pull this off. I'm not sure you can back-rev your new Lion machine if you don't already have another Mac lying around.

I could say something here about Apple products being easy to use, but the last time I said something negative about Apple, a bunch of acolytes tried to get me fired.

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Thanks for that, by the way. Make sure you have your new Lion-based Mac and your old Mac on your desk. Be sure to find a Firewire cable at least my new Mac mini server doesn't support the old Firewire cables. Shut both machines down. Plug the Firewire cable into the new, Lion-based Mac and turn it on while at the same time holding the T key.

A review of the Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server

This places the machine into "target" mode, which essentially turns the computer into an external hard drive. This, by the way, is a very cool Mac feature that -- at least to the best of my knowledge -- Windows doesn't have. If you hold down the T key, the new Mac will boot up and display the Firewire logo on its screen. It will not boot into a GUI. By the way, did you ever notice how similar the Firewire logo is to the radiation warning triform?

Neither did I, until I started this little project:. Anyway, now that your new Mac is booted up and in target mode, boot up your old Mac. I left the Firewire cable out of the old Mac, and just booted it up. Once the old Mac was booted, then I plugged in the Firewire cable, and the old Mac suddenly had the new Mac's drives on its desktop, just like any other external drives. The astute reader might have noticed I used the word drives plural. I'm doing video and the two faster drives will be a big help.

The two-drive configuration makes this a much easier install. I merely installed Snow Leopard on one drive and left Lion on the other. If you only have one Lion drive, you may be able to partition it, and install Snow Leopard on the other partition, but that's a theory, only. I haven't tested it. To make things easier, once I'd booted up on the old Mac and saw the hard drives from the new Mac on the desktop, I renamed the drives.

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The Lion boot drive was renamed to "Lion Server". The drive that would hold the back-rev Snow Leopard was renamed, creatively, "Snow Leopard". Put this somewhere you can find it on your old Mac's desktop. Finally, make sure your old Mac has a DVD drive.

Living With Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard for 1 Week in 2018

If it doesn't, go find an external USB drive and use that. I'm guessing you could run the Leopard installer from an image or a USB key, but that's also something I didn't try. Preparing to install Snow Leopard on Lion.

How to install Snow Leopard on a brand-new Lion-based Mac

Now you're ready to run the installer. The Snow Leopard installer will ask you where you want to install Snow Leopard. Here's where you want to be careful, and select your previously renamed "Snow Leopard" destination drive remember, this is really the drive on the new Lion machine. Click next and let the install proceed. It took about forty minutes on my vintage iMac.

Once that's done, run the Combo update. It'll look like the Combo update is starting to update your old Mac, but that's just a fancy splash screen. Wait until the splash graphics run out of steam, and once again select your "Snow Leopard" drive living on your new Lion machine as the destination. This took about 20 minutes.

Once this process is all done, shut down your old Mac and unplug the Firewire cable. You'll have to hold down the power button on your new Mac and let it shut down as well. NevBull NevBull.

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SOLVED: Snow Leopard on Mac Mini ? - Mac Mini Mid - iFixit

Apple Pay Speciality level out of ten: Do not boot from the Install Disk. The Server has two drives. The second one is blank.