Divx wont play sound on my mac

I don't ever run into DivX video on the Internet any more. I don't care about DivX video any more. May DivX rot and die.

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I think we already have more than enough effective video formats without having to bother with this unimportant format family. However, I am keeping a copy of the current installer around for just-in-case. But I highly suspect I'll never need it and will have forgotten why I ever bothered to keep it.

At least the DivX folks keep busy improving their software. This time there are new versions of Converter and Player.

Fail to Play Certain MKV Files on Divx Player, Fixed! – i-Mediasky

The QuickTime components are the same as v9. Is that a fair assessment? I don't know. But I don't see the point of bothering with this DivX stuff except to be able to play DivX media, if you ever run into it, which is rare, via the provided QuickTime components. No more, forced install unless you stop it, Google Chrome with the installation. That's an improvement.

divx - no sound!

Use Chromium folks. No default user surveillance by Google is required. I dug around inside the installer package for v9. Inexplicably, it directs the reader to a worthless URL for "the full version history. What is it with these strange DivX people?! Here is what little the ReadMe provides about what's 'new' in version 9. Both work as expected.


The provided versions of the two DivX QuickTime components are the same as those in version 9. As usual, the only thing potentially useful is the DivX decoder QuickTime component. As such, there's nothing in v9. Go use better video encoding software please and skip this irrelevant stuff. Read reply 1. None at all for me. The player app is lame. The Preference Pane is still Bit. The Installer only lists that it is installing DivX files. And yet it force installs Google Chrome without asking permission.

This is of course unscrupulous and unacceptable. I won't miss it. I have uninstalled all of DivX due to the aftermath of installing version 8. I found that: 1 Google Chrome had been installed onto my Mac without any listing in the DivX ReadMe, without any warning and without my permission. I was forced to uninstall Google Chrome, which I refuse to use due to its user surveillance. Instead I use one of the open source Chromium alternatives that have no surveillance. At this point in time that is annoying, archaic and demonstrates lazy programming.

I never liked the DivX Player in any case, never used it, and won't miss it.

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I also rarely run into DivX video any longer. Please consider turning off your ad blocker.

Simple steps to fix DivX video no sound in Mac:

Thank you. Mikuro Crotchety UI Nitpicker. Which codecs do you have? I recommend installing Perian. It'll let you play most AVIs. You might also need the a52 codec and XiphQT for audio.

DivX 7 for Mac Frequently Asked Questions

If those don't work, we'll need more info. If all else fails, there's always VLC. Chances are it'll play anything you throw at it.

Safety Precautions to be taken care:

Give it a try. Download the program and have a quick installation. Open the program. Or simply drag and drop your AVI videos into the converter. Click on "Profile" drop-down. Move to "QuickTime Movie Format" and select a format you need from the list. You can click the Settings icon and adjust the video bitrate, codec, frame rate, audio sample rate, etc.

When all settings are done, simply hit "Convert" at the lower-right corner of its interface.