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MacBook Keyboard Covers: Should You Buy One?

Beyond protecting your computer, keyboard covers can have a wide variety of useful markings, like this one that displays the keyboard shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X:. Use these Microsoft Excel shortcuts to speed up working with spreadsheets on Windows and Mac. Read More , you can get those on a keyboard cover, too.

Of course, not all of the keyboard covers out there are designed to help you accomplish something. I have to say, the first thing I noticed is that it does certainly make my computer stand out. I chose the sky blue color, and I absolutely love how it looks. My MacBook still closes fine, because the silicone is very thin. The biggest difference that the cover has made is in the feel of the keyboard. The feel of the silicone is nice, though: If you generally have a heavier touch on your keyboard, though, you might not notice a difference in fatigue, and the light sound dampening might be of use to you.

Some people have voiced concerns that a keyboard cover would make it more difficult for the computer to manage heat MacBook Air Overheating? Here are some things to try when you can no longer stand the heat. Ever wanted Spider-Man to break through your keyboard? DHZ has you covered:. One note on buying keyboard covers, though: Just make sure to double check. Now we want to hear from you. Do you use one on a regular basis? Does it help you operate an app, or just protect your keyboard and look cool? How do you find the typing experience? Share your thoughts and experiences below!

KB Covers Checkerboard and Clear Keyboard Covers

Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. I use a clear one so the LED can shine through as best as possible.

The rumor that they cause the mac to heat up is literally false. The heat is expelled through the back so just make sure to NOT use the mac laptop on a blanket, in bed or on a couch etc where the exhaust areas might get covered by blankets, comforters, pajamas etc.

What is a Macbook Keyboard Cover?

You'll be TOTALLY fine if it adds any heat at all it's probably a couple degrees at most but one spill will do FAR more damage and instantly so to me the trade off by using a cover is one more step to save my mac should I spill on it if I act fast enough but immediately flipping it upside down should you spill so anything drips back out through the way it came in, so act fast.

Download mac fan control and test it yourself. You'll see NO change by using one whatsoever. I do, fortunately, use a keyboard cover. I highly recommend it. The only struggle is that the lights of the keyboard doesn't show up through the cover very well, so it might be hard typing when it's dark. I just minutes ago- spilled some drink on my laptop and if I didn't have the cover I wouldn't have been able to type this comment now let me tell you.

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I had minor spill on the speaker and the trackpad as well bu it doesn't seem to have caused a problem just yet. I use a keyboard cover because it's a pain not being able to see what you're typing- I have an English keyboard, but before I got a keyboard cover, I had a very hard time typing in Hangul Korean , as I couldn't see the keys.

My keyboard cover took a bit of time to get used to, but now I can actually see what I'm typing, lol. I had a key pop off of my keyboard about 4 months ago, and the little hook inside the key also broke off, rendering it unrepairable. Luckily, my dad was able to replace my entire keyboard, but it was a painstaking process. Only the left speaker works now, there are several tiny holes in the spaces between my keys because he had to drill holes for the screws, and sometimes it randomly shuts off.

Taking a Macbook apart is truly agonizing to watch. I'm quite honestly just happy it turns on. I keep it plugged in most of the time, but I did get another laptop to use for when I'm doing critical work i. Since then, I've used a keyboard cover on that laptop, and my new one. I bought super cheap ones off eBay for around 3 dollars and used double sided tape under the keys that don't lay flat.

I don't have any issues typing anymore, in fact I like the grip that the silicone provides, and it's a lot nicer since it doesn't move around when I type, thanks to the tape. Dust and cat hair doesn't get in my keyboard anymore, either, which I like very much. That's great! I'm also very impressed that your dad was able to replace the keyboard on a MacBook.

That's pretty awesome. This is a great reason for using a keyboard cover that I didn't think of, so thanks for pointing it out!

What Features to Compare

However it doesn't fit quite snugly enough on the keys. For now I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt.

Like a pair of shoes I anticipate that continuous pressure of my typing will condition it to fit much more firmer. I guess I might be optimistic beyond my better judgement. I would hate to go through the hoops of returning the HRH cover, getting a refund, then spending twice as much on a KB cover online or just cutting my loses with a sense of disappointment.

Hm; that's interesting.

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The cover I tried fit pretty well, but it still made typing feel very strange. I hope yours starts fitting better, though! I have been using my Macbook for nearly 3 years now and all keys still look good. If you want to protect your keys from wear, tear, food crumbs, and liquid, a MacBook Pro keyboard cover is a crucial purchase.

Here are some of our favorite keyboard covers for making your old laptop last. Many of these picks also have options for newer models like the MacBook Pro with touch bar or the newer MacBook Air designs so check these listings before you give up the search. Without further ado, here are our picks.

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This transparent and ultra-thin keyboard cover is the closest thing to an invisible keyboard cover you'll find. Its design is perfectly clear and is made from the slimmest silicone material on our list at only 0. If you want to maintain the look and feel of your laptop without leaving it vulnerable to key wear down and crumbs, then this cover is worth spending a little extra on. The only downside to its clear design is that it shows dirt easily. The silver lining, though, is that the silicone cover is easy to clean with water. This stylish MacBook Pro keyboard cover from KEC is a reliable way to keep your keyboard looking new and free of debris well beyond the intended lifespan on the device.

There are a number of attractive pastel designs but my personal favorite is the Rainbow Mist design shown here. KEC's covers are not the thinnest but they conform tightly to the keyboard, giving the keys very natural travel and keeping them safe from aggressive typists. Like all silicone covers, this one is easy to remove and wash. Unfortunately, the design can mute the backlight of the keyboard ever so slightly, but this shouldn't be an issue unless you already have trouble seeing.

This gray ombre keyboard cover is a nice option for those who want a little bit of color, but still want their keys to match the overall design of the MacBook Pro.