Mac mouse scroll ball not working

You just saved me a bunch! I may have to do surgery. I am no longer the exception. Thanks a lot! My scroll ball has been out for ages and it makes using my mac a lot more tiring since i have to grab the side bar to scroll up or down. Now it is working again i am so grateful thank you for the awesome simple tip! Im having a problem with the scroll down.

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The scroll up works just fine. I have gone through two mighty mice this way. Wish I found this earlier! Thanks… now you need to help me clean the keyboard and make the mac run loads faster! Great tip, thank you. I like others, had my doubts…. It worked even better when I did it on my jeans. Thank you! Not being able to use my scroll button was driving me nuts. Thanks for the tip, I was becoming upset.

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Why the hell does this work so well? Little did I know I was one sheet of paper and 2 minutes away from easy mousing! Thank you for this tip! I had resigned myself to using a defunct mouse and thought, no way is this going to work…but it did!

How to clean Apple mighty mouse scroll ball

This tip should be on the top of this list for people who have been as frustrated as I have been with my mouse. I had just studied how to take the mouse apart and clean it… although it looked interesting I was not looking forward to that kind of time.

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This was fast and easy! Thank you Thank you!!!!! I was about to go out and buy a new mouse too, since it stopped scrolling up, but the upside-down clean sheet of paper trick worked great! Thanks for the post can help. My MightMouse could scroll down but not up. I tried pushing down on the tracking ball and while it was down turning it and that also cleaned it fine.

It really worked. It helped by rolling it up and down a bunch of times. Made my day. This why search engines rock. My last 2 mice have been Razer Mamba's Gen 1, and Tournament edition. One of the major reasons I like gaming mice is that typically all the buttons are assignable. In my experience, most regular mice don't have that feature, or they do but to a much lesser degree of customization. This one does. And it does it really well.

There are tons of preset options, I'd like to preface this review by stating that, even though I am not the primary user of this mouse, my incredibly patient husband took a lot of time answering my many questions about this mouse, demonstrated what it does, and read through my review before I submitted it so all of the information in here is accurate. My husband is an IT guy and computer gamer so he always purchases a programmable gaming mouse whenever he needs a new one. There was another mouse that he wanted instead of this one but it was older so he decided to purchase this one, since it is basically the newer version of the G and he really liked VicTsing MM 2.

One of the perks of living in the 21st century is the constant stream of technology that is available for us to use. The majority of people know how to use laptops and computers, but most of us are not computer wizards. The majority of people use simple computer skills for work and leisure purposes, whom I would define as an average computer user.

As a college student who uses the internet for leisure and study purposes as well as basic Microsoft Office functions, I would classify myself as an average computer user. Thus, I am writing this review for the average computer user. A month ago, I was in the market for purchasing a wireless mouse to use on my laptop. The primary reasons for purchasing this mouse was due to the numerous Love the mouse.

Always ready for me and no notices to change batteries which I find such a pain because I can never get the back of the mouse open to put in the batteries, broken a lot of nails trying to replace the batteries of a wireless. Most comfortable mouse in my hand: combination of weight and compact size is just right for office and travel, IMO. I wear a men's size M in gloves; if your hand is larger the M probably will feel too small. Easy to control, I have no issues with the scroll wheel. Reliable over the long term.

Battery seems to last forever. I've connected this mouse with a couple of Dells and Mac over the last years.

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If you're a Mac user there is no reason to use a mouse without a "right click" feature. I use basic office productivity software, no video editing or art design, so I don't want a mouse cluttered with "features". I prefer a 3-button mouse for the simplicity. Back to buy another while I can, because I've tried several other models but all the newer ones feel too light and insubstantial, and the full size This mouse has never had a driver-related issue with any of them, and the optical reader hasn't had a problem on any reasonable surface I have used it on.

It is also heavy enough to be comfortable for long-term use, but small enough to carry easily in your kit. The usb-receiver tucks away within the battery compartment as well, so you do not lose it. Here are my 2 negatives: 1. If you drop the mouse on a surface such as concrete or asphault, the rubberized exterior is easily damaged.

The USB-receiver's range is short and needs to be relatively unobstructed. It can work through a desk if the PC is under the desk, but that is about it.

Mouse wheel scroll section

Would I recommend this as a daily-use mouse at a desk Usually ships within 2 to 4 weeks. I love this little guy. I bought this mouse because I just have too many wires at my desk. My mouse cord was constantly getting caught on things, and I kept extending it too far and getting stuck. For the price, the Logitech M does exactly what you need to. It doesn't feel incredible to hold, as it's not especially ergonomic, but the fatter shape feels better than a flatter, more standard looking mouse.

I have had no issues with lag, bluetooth cutting in or out, or anything else. The only negative is that I am using it on a Mac, which seems to render the scroll wheel tilting useless.

It was a neat feature I was looking forward to using, but it's no big deal and doesn't make me like the mouse less. This is about the sixth Logitech trackball I've bought, along with half a dozen keyboards, and it's among the best of their products. The M has been my favorite pointing device for years, and I've worn out a couple of them -- the L and R button switches take a lot of beating, L especially, and after a couple years the button becomes erratic. This, of course, is a terrible flaw, since it means you may accidentally DROP something that you're dragging across the desktop -- occasionally into some folder you didn't notice -- and then it's a challenge to find the file or files you dropped.

Logitech replaces these worn out trackballs for free, unless they last too long, and then I'm stuck buying a replacement. I mention the M Jelly Comb 2.

Mighty Mouse doesn't scroll down

Was worried about it working on a hard desk surface without a mouse pad, but tracks perfectly! Also, it is almost dead silent with clicking, moving, and rolling of the ball which is good while in a quiet lecture class. I use it with my Surface Pro 3, and it's fantastic. I like how the USB fits right into the mouse itself. At first I thought they messed up and forgot to package the USB connector, but it is right next to where the battery goes! Do feel I should note that the ball scroller is not really a ball. It looks like it should go every-which-way but it does not.